Monday, 14 July 2014

Thimbleberry Wine

Can someone please make this?  (I am talking to you Glen)

Of course, who on earth has time to pick 4-8 pounds of thimbleberries?


  1. We stopped to look at the thimble berries on our walk today. I didn't have a plastic bucket to begin picking. There were a few residual strawberries that Bonnie picked. Wild ones. I keep looking at the Douglas Aster and trying to think of the other name for them. The one that Glen uses. Today I got it. Chicory. Those beautiful blossoms are in bloom. The lupines are now all seed. I was going to identify the pink and peach ones and transport some to my yard to go with the purple ones I have. I am too late. I have to wait for next year, now, to see which ones flower. And what does any of this have to do with food? Well, I began by thinking about the thimble berries. I tasted one.

    I am not the person to send out to pick a pound of them. I don't like wine. Nor do I like the nutri bullet drink that Rebecca makes every morning. No matter how many bananas, blueberries or oranges a person puts in a drink, I can still find the spinach and the flax seed.

  2. I believe during the depressions people drank roasted chicory root instead of coffee. Hmmm. Desperate times. I am glad to stick to coffee.