Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Cookies

Mary and I have been talking about Wyora's favourite ice-cream, since it was just her birthday on March 8th.

Mary remarked that she didn't not know  that maple walnut was my mother’s favourite ice cream.  She went on to say about her own ice cream,
I prefer it without the walnuts. I have always wondered why you would ruin anything with walnuts. Kind of the same way you feel about rhubarb I guess. Though I must admit I have learned that if your walnuts are fresh, they taste much better. Who knew nuts could go rancid? One of my new favourite cookie recipes calls for walnut, but I always use pecans instead if I can afford it. Well, even when I can’t afford it.   
These cookies are not a candy -- they have eggs too, ha, ha, ha.   They are divine.  A cross between meringue and a brownie.  There is a bakery in town that makes them.  The owner of the bakery studies with the owner of this recipe in NY.

A friend and I have been coveting the recipe and she managed to find it.  You can half the recipe and it still works.

If you have any friends who have gluten allergies, they will worship you forever if you make these for them.

Share if you must, but give all the glory to me (give it to me).

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