Saturday, 12 September 2015

Country Seed Bread

Six times the Recipe of Country Seed Bread

Bake @ 350 degrees for 30 min.
12 cups (approx)     all-purpose flour 
6 cups                      whole wheat flour 
1 1/2 cups                flax seeds 
3/4 cup                     sesame seeds
6 Tbsp.                     poppy seeds
4 Tbsp.                     quick-rising instant dry yeast 
9 1/2 cups                 water 
3/4 cup                      liquid honey (sugar)
3/4 cup                      vegetable oil (marg.)
3 Tblsp.                     salt 

This goes along with Arta's blog post on Country Seed Bread
Go to her blog if you need the directions.
It is 6 times the recipe with the added water that she suggests putting in.
I spray the top of the bread with water instead of brushing it on.
I can only bake 3 loaves at a time so I let it all rise once and then just take half of it to make 3 loaves.  The other half I leave in the big bowl it was rising in to leaf the 3 loaves do its rising. Put it into the oven and then about 5 min. later f form your last 3 loaves into their pans to let rise.

*Grease your bread pans with shortening or lard.
This will help the bread to come out nice and clean from the pans.

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  1. so... is there any difference in taste between the loaves that go in first, and the loaves that do the double-rising?