Friday, 3 June 2016

Bok Choy and Mushroom

Yes, this is actually what we made.
The originator of this recipe has her
own photo below.
OK.  We didn't cut the X in the top of all of the mushrooms.
But we tried to do everything else right.
I am moving this recipe from its original site  to the Kitchen blog for Rebecca.

She whipped it up for lunch.

I think it might take 30 minutes the first time a person makes it and only 15 minutes thereafter.

What is good about it is that it fits with the Weight Watcher requirements.

Right now Rebecca is being pretty strict with her points.

In fact, we are going to IKEA and I doubt we will get their ice-cream cone.  There is just no cheating going on.

So, over to Rebecca who says, "This is my new favourite.  Takes NO time, and is yummy"

... picture from original site ... 

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