Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Three Beer Salsa

                                                      Three Beer Salsa

15 lbs.             Tomatoes cut in half or quarters (approx. 35 medium or about 8 liters)  Skin them.
1/2 c.               Salt (coarse)

                   Soak for 6-12 hours  
                   Drain off liquid from Tomatoes

15 lbs.             Tomatoes
2 c.                  Vinegar
2 Tbsp.            Sugar
20                    Hot Peppers (assorted)
                        eg. - jalapeño, crimson hot, anaheim, thick red (no stems but everything else)

                        Cook on medium heat and stir for 1 hour - be careful! .....it will burn.
                        Then simmer for 1 hour.

Half way through the cooking time

2 lrg.               Green peppers (cut into 1/2"-1" pieces)
2 - 3 lrg.          Onions (1/2"-1" Pieces)
13 oz.              Tomatoes Paste

This is called Three Beer Salsa because a person can have 3 beers while stirring the Salsa.  There actually is no Beer in this Salsa!

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