Saturday, 19 October 2013

Brewing Beer

... old storage space taken over by beer ...
I don't really understand the importance of making ones own beer.

 But I notice an extra dose of happiness in the process that I don't find when people are doing dishes there, or mopping the floor.

... instructions on bottles ...
Men are singing, then humming,  washing bottles, pulling out well loved cooking pots, and making sure that they have all of the necessary ingredients.

I don't think I can get them to post recipes.  But I can describe the moments of taking down the hop vines and pulling off the fruit -- getting ready for beer.

... instructions on doors of back closet ...

Imagine how I laughed when I saw that my back cupboard door has an important sign on it.

Photochemical reactions make bad beer.

I asked Richard if the oversized pot at the back door was his. He said it was and that he wants that pot and bill be carrying it home.

He also said that he noticed the beer didn't get back to his place.

... all in the name of good science ...
"That is because Harry wants to keep it in the back closet where he can watch it every day and see how it turns."

OK.  That made Richard laugh.

Does this post count for sharing important recipes, even though there isn't a recipe here?


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