Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Easy Peasy Fruit Dips

Two fast dips:

Fruit Dip: Mix cool whip and yogurt (my favourite is strawberry yogurt). Good for any fruit.

Apple Dip: Mix brown sugar with softened cream cheese. Slice apples, dip, and your kids will eat 2 apples each (and have tummy aches to prove it).


  1. I burst outloud laughing over the comment about the stomach aches. Yes, if your kids are like me, they will still be having those stomach aches years later and still trying to figure out where the ache has come from.

    I haven't tried strawberry yogurt and cool whip. I will put them on my grocery list for tomorrow along with a few more apples in case Kelvin wants a stomach ache as well.

    I tasted the dip with the softened cream cheese and brown sugar at Michael's birthday party and knew i had made that before -- and wondered where to find the recipe. Thanks for the reminder that a person doesn't need a recipe. Just the groceries and the memory to put those two items together.

  2. Arta we heard the cream cheese and brown sugar tip from someone at weight watchers, was it the woman with the artificial arm? I vaguely remember that. Imagine, someone telling you to put cream cheese and sugar on your fruit during a diet class.