Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chocolate Wafer Cale

... I only cook for friends, not for fun ...
"Does anyone really like cooking?"

That is what Bonnie asked me.

"It feels so much like making crafts and I don't like doing crafts. Textures that are uncomfortable, liquids and gels spreading into places that they aren't supposed to go. Goods and materials sliding up my arms or getting on my face. What is there to like about cooking?"
... I may be smiling but this is torture to me ...

"Look at this mess," she went on. "It is the best I can do. If I tried to do better, I would take one of these crackers, start spreading whipped cream on it, and then in an effort to do my very best, I would continue spreading with my knife, back and forth, until the chocolate cracker finally crumbled into fine grit spread throughout the whipping cream on my knife."

... my best shot ...
so glad birthdays only come once a year
Moiya had stayed after Sunday dinner to help Bonnie get a start on this cake.

"Can you believe someone my age doesn't even know how to whip cream," Bonnie went on. "Let me get the saran wrap around this, get it to the party, and then I will hope that it will be served so late at night that no one will notice that this is the best I can do.  I hate cooking.  It feels just like doing crafts! Do people really like this?"

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