Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Swedish Cabbage Soup

Swedish Cabbage Soup
When I was working and taking a lunch with me to the library I opted into the belief that a healthy soup was a good lunch:  hot, just the right size and could be accompanied by a piece of bread or a salad or a piece of fruit, or all three.

Weight Watchers had a good recipe, one that was full of tomatoes, onions, zucchini, garlic and some other vegetables.  In those days everything that was in the soup was counted as "free".  I began to collect soup recipes, setting aside any that were cream based. Those were absolutely not my collection.

The system worked for me.  I could carry the soups in my backpack frozen.  There was no spillage.  I was eating lots of vegetables.  What could there be "not to like" about that" -- unless of course a person doesn't like soup.

On that note, Moiya bought some cabbage last week -- four huge heads. She shared one of them with me.  I made a huge pot of Swedish Cabbage Soup, plus two different slaw salads.

I used up all of my caraway seeds in the soup and have since looked for them in bulk again. 

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