Saturday, 8 February 2014

Home Made Greek Yogurt

things needed to make Yogurt
Desiree skyped me one day and was so eager to show me her first attempt at making yogurt. 

She held the spoon upside down and yes, it was the thickest yogurt I had ever seen.

Now I have tried at least 4 batches of yogurt in my new Excalibur Dehydrator.  My yogurt usually turns out likeYop. 

I was so proud of her, knowing her attempts at new things in the kitchen are better than her old mom's attempts.

I got good advice from her and proceeded to make it the same way she did.

Smearing the Yogurt up one side of jar.
Desiree used natural Fage Greek Yogurt.

2 Tblsp. on the bottom of each quart jar.

Using spatula; smear that Yogurt up one side of the jar.

I used "Yo -Mix" - a yogurt culture

Sprinkled about 1/8 tsp. on the bottom of the jar

1 Quart Milk
Heat up to 180 degrees
Cool to 110 degrees and pour into the quart jars.

Put into Dehydrator set at between 110 - 114 degrees
for about 6 hours. 

Refrigerate until cool to stop the incubation

This is regular Yogurt.
Home Made Greek Yogurt

To make the Greek Yogurt, you put the yogurt into a fine sieve
or use a colander lined with cheese-cloth. Save the whey as it drains.

What you see in the little black container is the Ricotta Cheese that I made from the Whey.

Bring the whey up to 200 degrees.

Cool to 140 degrees

Pour into a reusable coffee filter and drain.

Voila!   Ricotta Cheese

What whey that was left got put into the compost.

Our compost should be the best compost around now!



  1. This yogurt is so totally awesome! Even my Aiden who kind of stopped eating yogurt is now asking for it. It also is way cheaper than buying Greek yogurt in the store! Here in the States where milk is cheaper it costs like a quarter of the price than you pay in the store. I've mostly jested added sugar and vanilla extract to the finished product to flavor it. So I still need to find some good flavoring recipes.

  2. my favourite thing to do with Greek yogurt? (i buy the unsweetened zero fat variety) .... put in a tablespoon or two of ginger marmalade. YUMMY! (and if i am in the mood, i add a spoonful or two of grape nuts, or bran buds, or some high fibre cereal) if you love ginger as much as I do, this is amazing....