Saturday, 8 February 2014

Just a smidgen

I don't know who else watches the cooking show, America's Test Kitchen on T.V. and its sister programme, Cooks Country. I tape them on Saturday morning and then watch them at my leisure. I like every segment, especially the Equipment Corner. A few weeks ago they tested measuring spoons, but only sets that have 1/8 teaspoon and upward. I don't have a set that as 1/8 teaspoon so I was looking for one in kitchen shops. I found one at $15. I decided to just fill my 1/4 teaspoon one-half full and save my $15.
... pinch, smidgen, dash ...

Today I got an e-mail mail with an attached picture from  Moiya.

It said:
Happy Valentine's Day
My gift to you.
Come and get it.
I can hardly wait to get back to the Shuswap and try them out in my kitchen.

I am guessing a double pinch will be 1/8th of a  teaspoon.


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