Monday, 6 March 2017

Hot and Sour Soup

Sometimes I want to cook something, and if I just take the recipe and get it up on this blog, that seems to fill my need to cook it.  That was the case when I wanted to make some cheese muffins.  I did have all of the ingredients in the fridge.  But I looked up what I thought would be a good recipe, blogged it, and by that time I was too tired to make the muffins.

I don't think that will be the case with this soup, a recipe from Mary.  She gave me this list of ingredients when I asked her how she had made the healthy soup she had at work:
Hot and sour soup dry mix packet, 3 kinds of mushrooms, carrots, bok choy, onions, celery, maybe a can of tomatoes. Thick on veggies, just enough broth to fill in the spaces in between.
Here the trick will be to buy hot and sour soup dry mix packet, and then get 3 kinds of mushrooms in the house and some bok choy.  Those ingredients I will have to write on a piece of paper, get that paper to the store, and then remember where the recipe is when I start wondering what I am going to do with the bok choy.

Oh yes, I forgot to say that Mary had one more thing to say about her recipe.  That was, yum!

And one last tip.  Mary was looking for tamarind soup but couldn't find it.  If your eyes light upon it in the supermarket, buy it and substitute it for the sweet and sour soup mix.  That will be a double yum.


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