Friday, 27 September 2013

Brown and Serve Rolls, Part II

 ... bake 27 - 33 minutes... 350 F.
There are many ways to get a golden colour on the buns. My favorite is to use part milk and part water in the recipe, and the milk solids will make the buns this golden colour. If I choose to use only water in the recipe, I have a lighter coloured tray of buns. You can also use a wash of egg yolks to get the brighter colour.
... keep the loaves covered with plastic while they rise ...
I am ahead when it comes to collecting grocery bags, so I split mine with scissors so that they will cover the loaves or the bread while it is rising, sometimes using more than one. If you look way back in the picture, you can see I have also used this method for another set of bread that is rising. When Laynie and I had our bread-making day, we were just concentrating on getting a feel for the dough, so we made 3 different batches of bread. By the time she was finished she felt comfortable with the dough and was saying, "Hey, this isn't difficult at all. Easy, actually."
... bread pans from the past ...
The bread pans here are old, cast-offs from a professional bakery, though you can buy them new like this. There is no other way to get a high loaf with straight side, than to have a pan that will give you that shape, and these pans do that. When I first got these pans, I had one set cut into 3 individual pans because I had an oven that would take four loaves at a time. I like having them together -- they are easy to put in and pull out of the oven this way.


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