Thursday, 12 September 2013

Wyona's Wedding Waffles

Wyona's Kitchen Table
...  an old trusted recipe from  an even older trusted recipe book ...
From Wyona Bates

The recipe book that you see in the picture is the original which came with the waffle iron in 1966.

Now that recipe book has been around the world a few times.
Wyona’s Wedding Waffles

1\3  cup butter
1 1\2 cups flour
2 1\2 tsp baking powder
1\4  tsp salt
1 tbsp brown sugar
2 eggs
1 cup + 1 tbsp water (milk)
1 tsp vanilla

Beat eggs with mixer until fluffy, fluffy, like meringue.
Mix together dry ingredients.
Fold water and well beaten eggs to dry ingredients.
Add oil.

Decorate with fruit of the season, whipped cream or syrup.
Take waffles out on deck and eat.
Make more waffles than the group can eat at one sitting. Then you will have waffles ready for the grandchildren anytime during the day, especially when they do not like adult food at dinner time.

This recipe came with the waffle iron that Greg and I were given as a wedding present.  We still use the waffle iron to this day. The apron in this picture was given to me by Art as a Christmas present a few years back. It is 6x the recipe because what a waste to make just one recipe.

Whoops! I guess Trent should have been more careful when he took the top off of the whip cream mixer. Clean up your mess Trent.

Ivan as a latecomer for breakfast, enjoying his waffle stick laden with whip cream.

Gabe came late for breakfast one morning and all the fruit was gone. He was so sad. However, he just went out to the garden which Janet and Glen had planted for us, and he picked and cleaned his own strawberries and had a few pears on the side.

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  1. This is awesome Wyona! Thank you for the recipe. So happy that you had photos from the summer to share.