Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Butterhorns, a last comment

Yum, and no one saw me grab some dough
except the person with the camera
who didn't try to stop me.

At the cabin I have a nice island, a large one.

 Perhaps I could get 20 apple pies on it.

So while I am preparing food on one corner of it, it is possible for a little boy to take a look at some buns that are rising, and snatch a piece from the top of one.

After Michael has taken what he needed the bun has an unusual shape.

There is no use trying to repair something like that.

I accept it, and bake it so that I don't disturb the dough around it.
... an unusual shape, but not a culinary disaster ...

You can see it the top of it is no longer smooth -- some curves and jagged edges, but not enough that I couldn't cover it up with extra icing.

No one would know the difference.

All's well that ends well.

And after all, the whole experiment was just a little flour, water and yeast.


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