Sunday, 5 April 2015

All-Natural Caramel Popcorn

All-Natural Caramel Popcorn   
submitted by Stacey Wood


Yummy popcorn, make sure there are lots of people around to help you eat it, otherwise you'll get fat!


2 bags of NATURAL microwave popcorn OR two batches of air popped popcorn.   Don't add any butter or salt!
1 cup    pure maple syrup
1 cup    real butter

1. Pop the popcorn first, and try to scoop out any left over kernels that didn't pop.
2. Measure butter and syrup into a medium sized sauce pan, make sure it's big enough to contain at least double what you put in, it expands quite a bit while your cooking
3. Stirring continuously, bring to a gently boil over medium heat.   Seriously, don't stop stirring!   
4. The caramel is ready when it makes soft balls, about 280 degrees if you have a candy thermometer.   
5. drizzle half of the sauce over half of the popcorn, add the rest of the popcorn and then the rest of the sauce.   Mix well with a wooden spoon.   If you want less caramel, make more popcorn, if you want more caramel, make less popcorn
6. Eat, enjoy, and post your opinion on the website!

Number Of Servings:4-8 people in one sitting

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  1. My opinion is that just reading this recipe is a serious challenge to my new way of eating. Do you think it would be alright to start my diet tomorrow? Remember when we used to make candied popcorn out of a syrup that had Kool-Aid added for colour and flavour. We had to bake that one after pouring on the syrup. A good thing I am out of butter right now, for I do have some maple syrup and popcorn in my cupboard, and I am hungry.